***Begin along the garage door entrance.***

  1. Lay ramp edges just INSIDE garage door.
  2. Snap tiles into ramp edges and along left or right wall.
  3. Snap one row together at a time until you reach the back of the garage.
  4. Cut tiles to fit along walls.


Cut tiles to fit with TABLE SAW or any other POWER SAW in your garage.

Use a RUBBER HAMMER to snap tiles together.

Quick notes:

  • StMade In Tennessee
  • St12" x 12"
  • St1/2" thick
  • St10 year warranty
  • StInterlocking tiles
  • StEasy install
  • StHolds over 30,000 lb vehicles
  • StCleans easily
  • StDiamond plate design
  • StSolid face tiles

Frequently asked questions/answers:

  1. Can I park and drive heavy trucks on them?
    Yes. These are rigid, industrial-grade tiles.
  2. Should I leave a gap?
    Yes. Leave 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap along interior walls for expansion in the sun.
  3. Can I take one tile out of the middle?
    Yes. There are a few ways to do it. Pop old tile out with a flathead screwdriver or knife. Male tabs must come out of female loops first. Also breaking that single tile with a hammer to take it out works.
  4. Will water be able to flow under the tiles?
    Yes. These tiles have a channel system on the bottom side of them that allows water to flow and air to circulate to evaporate moisture. It is best not to flood the garage with water when tiles are installed.
  5. How long does it take to install my tiles?
    That depends on the installer. Most people can install in a 2 car garage in about 2 hours.
  6. What kind of saw do I use to cut the tiles?
    Table saw or chop saw works best but you can use any power saw in your arsenal.
  7. What if I get oil and auto fluids on the tiles?
    No problem. Just mop them or spray them off. They have a semi gloss finish and they are easy to clean.
  8. Will these tiles hold a jack?
    Most jacks are fine. However a small piece of wood or metal under the jack wheels works great to protect your beautiful new floor.
  9. Why do I have to start along the entrance?
    Because we are sending you FEMALE ramp edges (with loops) by default. If you begin in the back of the garage you may end up with the wrong side of the tile facing the female ramp edges.
  10. Can I put underlayment down?
    Yes you can put underlayment such as lanscaping screen or roofing paper under the tiles. This will, however, not allow water to flow under the tiles to your drain or out the garage if you have a flood.
  11. Can I roll a creeper across these tiles?
  12. Are the tiles slip resistant?
    These tiles have a diamond plate pattern that does give them better traction when wet. However they are not designed specifically for slip resistance.
  13. How do I clean these tiles?
    Most cleaning solutions will be fine. Use a mop or any other cleaning tool.
  14. Will water get under the tiles?
    Sometimes yes but water can dry under the tiles and air can circulate to evaporate leftover moisture.
  15. What are these tiles made of exactly?
    A virgin copolymer high impact polypropylene.
  16. Do I glue or tape these tiles down?
    No. These tiles should not be glued to the floor. These tiles must be allowed to breathe and float. In some cases when securing tiles to floor is necessary, use screws or bolts to secure tiles to floor. Drill holes in tiles much larger than bolts. Use fat washers. Do not tighten bolts to tiles tightly. These tiles need plenty of room to expand in the sun.
  17. Can I use these tiles outdoors?
    Yes but it voids the 10 year warranty. These tiles are perfect for indoor use.
  18. Are these tiles electrostatic?
  19. Will salt and snow melt hurt these tiles?
    These tiles will clean up nicely.
  20. Will these tiles move when I drive on them?
    In most cases the answer is no. In rare cases it may be necessary to use screws or bolts to secure your floor. Do not tighten bolts to floor. Leave room for expansion.
  21. Can I install these tiles in an enclosed trailer?
    Yes. Toy haulers love these tiles. Be sure to leave expansion gaps. It gets hot in trailers. If installing tiles on trailer door then use bolts or screws to adhere the tiles to the trailer door if needed. Leave ample room around bolt for tile shifting expansion in sun. Tiles will buckle without expansion gaps. Most people choose not to tile the trailer doors.
  22. Can I remove the tiles easily if I move or use in a trade show?
    Yes. Simply unsnap the tiles. Unsnap in 4x4 sections so they snap back together quicker in your new location.
  23. Will these tiles interlock with other brands?
    No. These tiles are premium with a patented 6 lock interlocking system. Most other tiles have 4 lock systems.